Digital Entrepreneur and E- Commerce Head & CRM – Loyalty Executer (present)
GoldMaster is one of the Turkey’s leads in consumer electronics. The company also has some web – platform projects in the means of entrepreneurship.
I am responsible of directing kinds of projects and internal flow of some bunch of executive jobs including e-commerce, digital marketing, customer and partner loyalty. I am the head of a talent group As an internal flow campaign management, digital discounts, Google Works like Adwords , Adsense , Trends and Analytics improvements are managed by me with the marketing team.

B2B and B2C projects are held by me, as well as CRM projects and internal flow.

As an internal job flow, dealer and seller system improvements are planned, projected and executed by me like which is online dealer finder for GoldMaster Company. ( B2B Project)

Web development projects are another aspect the job which the details are given below. is a self-executive e-commerce platform which is private at company base. Serves to any company employee with the best priced GoldMaster product. is an e-commerce project with wide range of products which I held the marketing & development issues. is an expert Social Platform Project which creates its own members in the aspect of sharing, evaluating and e-commerce.